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Who We Are

Our mission at Green Tide Surf Fishing is to offer a one of a kind experience for all levels of fishermen.  Licensed and branded in 2019, GTSF is the only onshore surf guide company on the Bolivar Peninsula.  Family owned and managed, GTSF believes in embracing what you love and giving back to the community.  Project Keep.Release.Donate allows clients an opportunity to donate their catch(es) to identified families in need.  We take pride in teaching the ins and outs of surf fishing and do our best to provide a relaxing atmosphere ideal for beginners and experts alike.  Sit back and relax while we do the work and set you up to catch the biggest fish of your life!


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Rates and Services

***Effective 1/1/21*** 

****Price increase for all trips. 6hr-$375, 8hr-$475, 12hr $675 and 14hr (overnight) $1075.****

Trip details and Frequently Asked Questions:
Prices for Surf Fishing Trips are listed below. The hour options are: 6,8,12 and overnight, which is 2 hrs before sundown to 2 hrs after sun up. These trips will consist of us targeting shark, redfish, black drum, specks, stingray, jack crevalle and possibly Spanish mackerel. These trips will consist of a GTSF guide casting out long rods (surf) and deploying shark rods via kayak. Shark rod deployment will be dependent on weather/wave conditions. If we can kayak out safely, we will. Packages include the use of GTSF surf rods/reels, shark rods/reels, line, tackle and baits.

Customers may bring smaller rods for targeting smaller fish such as, croaker, whiting, hardheads, specks etc. You may also bring a castnet and we will teach you how to throw it, if you don’t know how to already. If you have a long rod that you do not know how to cast, bring it and we will work with you to show you how to cast. Due to liability reasons, only GTSF staff will be allowed on top of the shark trailer and  kayaking out.

Fishing Locations:
GTSF will contact you within 24 hours of your trip to finalize location.  This will be somewhere on the Bolivar Peninsula but the exact location varies based on environmental elements.  We often receive requests from customers asking to fish in front of their cabin.  Our preference is NOT to fish near crowds for safety purposes. If your cabin is in the heart of Crystal Beach with high traffic, we will not be able to accommodate this request.  

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required at the time of booking in order to hold your reservation. This deposit can be paid in the Shop section of this website. (Please see Terms and Conditions for specific rules and information regarding rescheduling).  The remaining balance must be paid by the end of the trip via this website, paypal, or with a debit/credit card unless otherwise arranged with the lead guide (cash option).

Trip Rates:

6 hour trips-$375.00
8 hour trips-$475.00
12 hour trips-$675,00
Overnight (14hrs)-$1075.00

*These prices are for a total of 6 persons.
Additional adults may be added at $50 each.
Additional children participating (<17 years old) will be $25.00 per child.

We carry several basic first aid kits as well as treatment for jellyfish stings. If you/your party needs something other than the basic items included in a first aid kit, please bring it with you.  GTSF equipment is limited to the use of GTSF staff only (with the exception of reeling in fish).  As mentioned, you may bring your own rods and castnet for hands on learning if desired.

Items to bring on trip day:
Ice chest (multiple if you plan on keeping fish)
Valid TX fishing license with saltwater stamp
Radio/Bluetooth speaker 
Flashlights/headlights (night trips)

Our goal is to make this a relaxing and fun trip for you and your party. We want our customers to learn if you want to learn or sit back and relax and wait for the fish to bite. You can be as relaxed as you want or you can absorb as much information as possible so you can fish on your own during your next trip down to the coast.

I started this business because of my passion for fishing and my work ethic. I will always give 110% to our customers and work up until the last second of our trips. This is given but I feel the need to reiterate: It is impossible for anyone to guarantee you will catch a large fish. I will continue to stand by my guarantee that I’ll work as hard as I can for you, and use gear, tackle and baits that have produced for myself and our customers in the past.

If you have any questions please email us at greentidesf@yahoo.com or call me personally at 409.658.3652. If you need/want references or reviews please look at the review section of our facebook page at www.facebook.com/greentidesf.  We also have client pictures posted above.

We appreciate everyone that has supported us thus far in booking trips and value those that have booked again. I’ve met some great people thus far and look forward to meeting many more. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of Green Tide Surf Fishing.

- Cody Davis
  Lead Guide, GTSF


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